Who are we?

Rola Naeb

I have been working in the field of English Language and technology for the past 15 years. I’ve completed my MA in Applied Linguistics at Durham University  and my PhD at Newcastle University. My PhD focus was on applying user-behaviour tracking technologies to investigate the effectiveness of different language input types (focus on Form/S and Meaning) in a technology-enhanced environment. I’ve since been involved in several projects including the Digital Literacy Instructor and the Euspeak projects. I am currently working with six European experts on designing a European Guide of reference for Languages below A1. During the first phase of the Diglin project, I worked on the application of tracking technology to the FC-Sprint platform to track learners. and on the English materials. The tracking database allowed us to get insights into learners’ behaviour and strategy. Jan, who is the driving force behind Diglin, and I are now working on developing the original 300-word activities to a comprehensive platform.

Jan Deutekom

I work for the Friesland College. I have been a Dutch as a second language teacher for years. I have also been working on developing digital material for Language Learning for years. I run a Learning Company where students learn how to program by developing templates we sometimes use to build the Diglin resources.

As part of the original Diglin Project, I have developed the platform for materials in Dutch , English, German and Finnish. You can see the English version here (free but you have to register)

I have also worked with Ineke van de Craats on developing the content of the Dutch DigLin. With the Dutch version, students can reach level A2.

I am also now working with Marcin Sosinski at Granada University to develop a Spanish version of Diglin (link).

DigLin is based on the idea that students can reach goals by using resources. These resources can be digital materials but can also fellow students, and even the teacher. We think the teacher should be the last resource.

Andries van Weeren

I am responsible for the architecture of educational software at the Learning Company “Bronnenbedrijf”. Bronnenbedrijf is a part of Friesland College.

I guide students who develop the individual templates within the educational software environment. During the supervision, of these students, I am more active as a scrum master than as a teacher. At Bronnenbedrijf we encourage students to use fellow students as resource. And if they together can not solve the problem they can use me as a last resource.

I have been working in education since 2016. My previous jobs are also related to software development. I’ve been working as software developer, functional tester, software designer, Information Analyst and IT project manager.

The experience I have within IT, as a result of those different jobs, helps me enormously in helping students with their growth in the field of software development

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