The words

To give students an overview the first resource gives students all the written words, the meaning (picture) and the sounds of the individual letters. Students have to make choices here. They can organize their own feedback. They can think that they know the sound of a certain letter and then they can check. This was at first not considered to be an “exercise” but we say a student working with this specific resource several times and in total he studied on this for 45 minutes. They make it into an exercise.

Drag the letters

This resource or exercise can be done on several levels and with several strategies. Students often work their way from the top left to the bottom right. So they click on the soundbutton for the word, then the button for the picture and then they listen to the first sound of the individual letter and then try and drag the correct letter. If they are a bit further you often see the (probably unconscious) strategy where they just click on the soundbutton for the complete word. They do not need the individual sounds for the letters anymore. Often if they do not know a letter they check on letters that they already found previous to compare and see if they are the same.

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